So March is on the way and we are starting to get the menu together so this is some of the dishes  you can expect to see….



mixed seeded loaf with fermented butter


Jerusalem artichoke & Malt,

Veal  tongue, burnt onion and anchovy,

Bancaster mussels,  apple & Cucumber


Salsify, caper & Nasturtium

Leek, smoked hens egg, wild garlic & morel mushroom

Scallop, yuzu & sea fennel

King Edward & Parsley soup with Snail toast

Pork belly, scotch egg & line caught turbot

Lord of the hundred, pear and dandelion leaf

Yorkshire Rhubarb

Chervil root

We still got some work to do so keep an eye out for updates. We are lucky enough to have secured Lavinton Lamb for April so very excited about using that again.


hope to see you soon